Saturday, November 10, 2007

Some More Carnies

So I did a drawing of two of my Carnies in Photoshop tonight, and I guess it turned out...okay...but it wasn't good enough to merit its own post, so I'm going to post the redesigns I did in my sketchbook the other day. There are only four of them on this page, but I'll work on the other people later. These guys might be my favorites except for The Fat Man. Who knows why I chose to do him over The Ring Master or Jeffrey The Bearded Lady.

So there they are, and here is the image I did tonight:

The Showgirl gets more haggard every single time I do her. I don't know why that is, but I like her more each time, I think. She needs to be skinnier than this though, because I want her to have that drugged out skinny look. The stupid Twins were almost bad enough to where I didn't want to post this, but I skewed them and they look...somewhat better. They're kind of flat and stuff, but I guess I don't care right now. It got to the point where I didn't even bother to be very careful when coloring them. Those aren't the characters' real colors, by the way, I was just foolin' 'round.

I'm quickly learning that I prefer drawing by hand much more than drawing on the Wacom. Everything I do on there is a little off to the point where I find it really distracting. I think if I could learn to somehow do crisper lines that looked less like sketches, I would appreciate it more. I really need to learn Illustrator.

My favorite book is One Hundred Years of Solitude by Gabriel García Márquez.

Monday, November 5, 2007


So lately I've been thinking about how I want to do a story involving circus folk. I think that's what my final script for screenwriting will be. Anyway, I came up with some characters even though I don't know the actual story yet. I DO know it will involve a failing circus that needs to be revitalized. This isn't in my other blog because a) it doesn't directly involve any sort of animation plans, and b) this blog was lonely.

Here is the first page of characters:

And here are the stories behind each one:

The Ring Master - He's son of the dude that started the circus, as well as the current owner. It was really popular in its heyday, but ever since his father died and he developed that nasty addiction to prostitutes and pain killers, The Ring Master has not had enough money to pay for renovations or new acts. Thus, the circus is getting dated and worn.

The Clown - Hubert the clown is the saddest clown ever. He is depressed because he cannot make people laugh, and he cannot make people laugh because he is so sad with the current state of the circus. Hubert has been with the circus since its inception.

The Tumbler - The Tumbler's partner was killed in a tragic trapeze accident when one of the strings snapped and she fell to the floor of the circus ring. The Tumbler hasn't been able to hold a crowd without her other half.

The Bearded Lady - The Bearded Lady, Jeffrey, used to be your typical overweight woman until she confused her diet pills with some hormone therapy pills that her now dead husband was taking. She grew the beard and needed money, so here she is.

The Twins - German conjoined twins abandoned at birth. Bertilda and Brunhilde were adopted by the circus's founder shortly before his death, and they have lived their entire lives as a side show. Bertilda loves her life and her sister. Brunhilde is sick of being considered a freak though, and constantly tries to kill her sister so she can be separated.

Part two:

The Fat Man - Just some fat dude who joined the circus. He can't walk anymore, so he rides around on a motorized wagon that is controlled by a lever on the side.

The Show Girl - An aging stripper turned ringleader's assistant battling a nicotine addiction. She's not much to look at anymore, but the circus can't afford anyone else. She is constantly smoking, but always keeps a Nicorette patch on her arm for good measure.

The Strong Man - An ex-lumberjack, he came upon the circus one day after a lightning-struck tree killed his pet kitten. Disenchanted, he applied for the position of strong man. He enjoys it, but what he really wants is to just live in a cozy home with lots of cats.

The Sword Swallower - He had never swallowed a sword in his life when he was hired, and that was so disastrous that he probably won't ever swallow another one again...if his mouth and throat ever heal.

So that's that. I'm pretty pumped to write a screenplay with these dudes.

Since I talk about music in my other blog, I'll talk about books here. I just finished A Clockwork Orange not too long ago, and it was pretty fantastic.