Thursday, December 13, 2007

A Prolific Day

Today was especially prolific for me in terms of drawing. So prolific, in fact, that I decided to update this ol' thing. The first drawings aren't from today though...they're from a while ago. Here they are:

Okay so the one you've seen before is my latest rendition of Valerie from my Carnies characters. I like this one the best, and I hope I stick with it. The woman on the left is from a David Sedaris book; specifically Naked. It's this woman who gets on the bus with him in "c.o.g." Here's the description:

"The seat was taken by a morose, chinless smokestack of a woman wearing an ash-colored sleeveless turtleneck sweater. She never engaged in formal conversation, rather she jabbed me periodically, pointing with her cigarette at whatever she imagined I might find meaningful. "Refrigerated truck," she would whisper. "Filling station all boarded up." She never visited the toilet or shifted her position, not even during one of her many naps. Sleep seemed to overcome her without warning. "South Dakota plates on that Duster," and I'd turn to find her gently snoring, the cigarette still smoldering between her fingers."

So that's what I got from that description.

These next drawings were done today, and they were inspired by this Flickr group. It's wonderful, isn't it?

Finally, here are two strippers from a screenplay I wrote. Derriere is the main stripper, and Verunique is her rival. It's a pretty sweet tale of triumph and happiness.

Strippers are always funny. Scientific fact.